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An Alarm System is designed to detect intrusion inside or outdoors, such as unauthorized entry on a property or in a home, business, school, ect. Our technicians are skilled to install, service, repair and program most popular alarm system brands such as Paradox, IDS, DSC and Texecom. Some of the products we offer are indoor and outdoor beams, Control Panels, Keypads, and much more.

Our Alarm Products

At Lightwire we offer a wide range of Alarm System products to suit our clients Security requirements. We have indoor and outdoor beams, control panels, keypads and more to choose from. All products come with a 1 Year Warranty. t’s & c’s apply

Indoor Beams

Indoor Beams are designed to detect unauthorized entry. Choose Wired or wireless that are immune to animals up to 40kg's.

Outdoor Beams

Outdoor Beams that detect people before entry of a home / building. Choose Wired or wireless that are immune to animals and covers up to 20m.

Dual Sided Outdoor Beams

Dual Sided Outdoor Beams cover both areas on either side and have a built in anti-masking feature. Immune to animals | Wired or wireless.

Door & Window Contacts

Door and Window Contact sensors are designed to let an alarm system know whether a door or window is opened or closed.

Alarm Panels

Alarm Panels are the main board of an alarm system that controls all the equipment that is programed to the panel.


Keypads are integrated with an alarm panel to allow clients to arm and disarm their alarm, view active zone and activate certain zones.


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